Suma Landscaping


"What a pleasure to work with a talented group of designers who are prompt and professional. They are clear and direct and do what they say they are going to do, on time and on budget."
— Carol K., Sausalito


Ornamental Garden Landscaping

Front yard Landscaping not only improves curb appeal which aids in resale value but also creates a beautiful sense of entry into your home. Your backyard landscaping can create a peaceful space for relaxation, or a gathering place for family and friends, or even a private nature reserve reflecting your natural surroundings. We work with our clients to determine the desired style, colors, intended use, and garden maintenance requirements when creating their design. We also work to accommodate budgets, time frames, and overall needs. 

There are many microclimates in the San Francisco Bay Area, and plant selection may vary greatly within just a few blocks of each other. Your front yard landscaping may even be different from your backyard landscaping, making proper plant selection that much more important.  We consider your yard’s unique conditions such as sunlight, shadow patterns through out the year, soil conditions, and drainage when creating your landscape design and doing your plant selection.

Hillside Landscaping

Our design team understands the challenges of creating a landscape design plan that takes into consideration all of the unique issues surrounding hillside landscaping. Soil erosion can be a large problem, deer love to graze on hillsides and water run off can mean that plant’s water requirements are not being met.  Proper plant selection, irrigation design, and grading can change a suffering hillside into a successful lush landscape.
Using our 30 plus years of ornamental garden landscape design experience, and garden maintenance experience, Suma Landscaping can help your garden thrive.