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Irrigation & Drainage

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Very often the source of problems in a garden can be traced to improper irrigation design. Too much water or too little water can lead to poor root development, root rot, soil fungus, disease, increased garden pests and soil erosion problems. An efficient, properly installed landscape irrigation system takes into consideration individual plant requirements, as well as soil conditions and wind patterns.

We offer landscape irrigation designs and installations that facilitate easier plant maintenance and water conservation. We also consider sun exposure, existing grade, wind and plant requirements when creating an irrigation design. For example, hillsides require specific irrigation designs to accommodate poor drainage while preventing soil erosion and runoff.

Our landscape irrigation solutions help you assess where to use overhead spray systems and drip systems in your garden. We can either install irrigation based on a plan provided, or we can have a plan developed for your yard by an irrigation specialist.


Poor drainage can cause many problems in a garden and many plants require efficiently draining soil in order to thrive. Standing water attracts insects and creates rot when up against a house. Professional drainage solutions can solve these problems without overloading storm drains or creating problems for your neighbors. Changing the grading on a site, installing French drains and appropriate irrigation designs can drastically change how water is handled on your property.

Suma Landscaping's irrigation department can help you by troubleshooting and repairing or adjusting your existing irrigation systems. If your current irrigation system was improperly designed, Suma can make cost effective recommendations to improve coverage.