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Suma Landscaping takes pride in our long-term relationships with our commercial landscape maintenance clients, such as hospitals, senior care facilities, HOAs, hotels, and businesses. We work hard to make the job of landscape maintenance easier for the managers and facilities directors. We pride ourselves on being proactive in anticipating and noticing needs, as well as responding quickly to client requests. It’s important to us that Suma’s clients have the satisfaction of knowing that their issues were handled and handled properly, without them having to follow up.

Suma specializes in providing residential-type landscape maintenance services for large-scale gardens as found on commercial sites. We provide all aspects of site maintenance and grounds maintenance, including lawn care, tree care, pruning, fertilizing, irrigation repair, site cleaning and storm debris clean-up, weeding and pest control. Our staff is available to make site maintenance recommendations for upgrades such as irrigation, seasonal plantings and replacement plantings.

As on residential sites, Suma practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) when maintaining commercial grounds.


We are a professional landscaping maintenance company that specializes in providing a highly knowledgeable level of garden maintenance service for all sizes and types of residential landscapes. Plant health may be greatly improved by providing proper landscape maintenance, which includes paying special attention to situations such as irrigation practices, pest and disease control, proper pruning, fertilizing and drainage.

When tending to grounds maintenance, Suma practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which limits the use of chemicals and incorporates environmental corrections as a means of promoting better plant health.