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When selecting plants for a garden landscape design, Suma Landscaping considers the natural growing environment, the sunlight, the soil conditions, drainage, future garden maintenance and our client's intended use for the garden. Suma works with clients to determine the desired style, colors, garden maintenance requirements, and to provide solutions for situations such as erosion control or deer invasions.

Suma selects plants for clients' backyard landscaping and front yard landscaping that provide seasonal color, shade, edible fruit, and that complement each other and adapt to their environment. We also work with our clients to accommodate budgets, time frames and overall needs. The process usually starts with design, site preparation, soil amendments and rough grading. After the hardscaping is installed and final grading is completed, we then install irrigation, drainage, lighting, planting beds, lawns and top dressing. We also offer tree planting services for those interested in adding large and small trees to their backyard or front yard landscaping plans.

There are many microclimates in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the plant selection may vary greatly within just a few neighborhoods. Using our 25 years of ornamental garden landscaping , and garden maintenance experience, Suma Landscaping can help your backyard and front yard gardens thrive.


The SF Bay Area is an amazing place to grow a huge variety of foods. Suma works to find the perfect location in your yard and the right plants for your area to create an ideal vegetable garden. Raised vegetable beds don’t have to be an eyesore; they can be worked into the design, allowing the whole garden to flow.

We also work with our clients to create rich, healthy soil, which is the secret to a great harvest! Working with many senior and health care facilities, we have built raised beds specifically designed for people with limited mobility. This allows everyone to participate in all the rewards that growing your own food can bring.


artificial turf

Modern versions of artificial turf are nearly indistinguishable from live grass, yet without the concern for the watering, mowing and pests, etc. required for maintaining a natural lawn. Many have a non-toxic and allergen free composition, as well as advanced drainage-type systems. There are also versions available that are dog-friendly, typically with a shorter height and dual yarn construction for easier clean-up.

Today’s manufacturers are doing a better job of making materials recyclable therefore helping artificial turf products become more eco-friendly. As our concerns grow regarding sustainability, as well as our attempts to conserve water and avoid the use of fertilizers and pest controls, synthetic grasses are becoming an excellent choice for both residential and commercial use. In addition, artificial turfs are one of the few products to be growing less expensive to install with time.

Please feel free to contact our office to discuss the practicality and cost of converting all (or part) of your existing garden to artificial turf.

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