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we strive to exceed your expectations, and our clients say it best...

"Frankly you, and for that matter, all of your colleagues and employees have been wonderfully thoughtful. I am truly thrilled with the way the project has turned out. Susan, you and your crew did a fabulous job."
– Kenneth S., Greenbrae

Kenneth was so excited about our work that he made a short video showing how we transformed his yard!
Click here to see this backyard renovation.

“In terms of response to questions and issues, you guys provided a great service. There are times I send a work order to another company and have to fight to get an update. Your team really has it together and is on top of it. Thank you both very much – you have always been one of the most responsive landscape firms I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.”
– Emeryville HOA Property Manager

"What a pleasure to work with a talented group of designers who are prompt and professional. They are clear and direct and do what they say they are going to do, on time and on budget."
— Carol K., Sausalito

"I wanted to say THANKS for doing such a great job on the house on Sherman Avenue! It looks great and we really appreciated you working on that project/show with us!"
— Allison T., HGTV

"I want to thank all of you at Suma for giving us the best service possible. I know the residents, staff, and I enjoy the results of your landscaping and maintenance services."
— Joe M., Senior residences, Oakland

"Suma's designs and yard landscaping ideas are amazing. They take into account the natural surroundings and create the atmosphere one wants and needs. I tell everyone to use Suma! Not only are they artists but consummate craftsmen as well!"
— Carmen K., Sausalito

"The association's landscape maintenance service continues to improve and present a neat, trim, well-cared-for appearance. Kudos to Anna and the crew - the maintenance at this association is close to the best I can remember it in the years I have been monitoring out here. Keep up the good work!"
— Townhome Association, Emeryville

"My family and I want to thank Eugène and the Suma Landscape team for helping us put together our now beautiful backyard. We now have a place the entire family can and really wants to go out and enjoy. Eugène was able to blend our yard landscaping ideas with his own to create an outdoor space that exceeded our design expectations. We were especially impressed with Eugène's hands-on approach to ensuring our home landscaping work was done properly, and we greatly appreciated the ease by which we were able to communicate with him."
— Homeowner, Castro Valley

"Thanks so much for your willingness to work with me on my yard landscaping ideas whenever I have a request. I truly appreciate it as well as all of the aspects of the service you are providing."
— Madeline W., Berkeley

"Suma has been responsible for the landscape maintenance service, irrigation, and occasional planting projects for our condominium complex several years now. Their work has been consistent, conscientious, and responsive to the needs and wishes of the community. The supervisors are knowledgeable and the crews hardworking - all are a pleasure to work with."
— Joan B., Emeryville

"I want to thank you and the Suma group once again for your care, not only about your customers, but about your community. The donation you make to the community at the holiday times is very special, and indicative of who and what your company is."
— Dede M., Commercial client, Berkeley

“The Association is grateful for the years of service your firm has provided and for always being very thorough with the level of service offered.”
– Emery Bay Village Community manager, Oakland

“It has been a pleasure and Eugène is great to work with. We look forward to more jobs together.”
– Denny K., General Contractor, Oakland

"Thank you for a fantastic job, we are so happy!"
— Michéle K., San Ramon

"Karen and I think the backyard looks AMAZING! Suma Landscaping rocks!"
— David S., Piedmont

"Why my satisfaction over these last 23 plus years? Communication and service. The follow-up and courtesy of your employees meets the highest standards of any industry."
— Donovan C., Alameda

"Suma’s landscape design is awesome. We love it!"
— Dr. Stephen R., Danville

"We love our tropical oasis!"
— Charlene S., San Ramon

"Thanks for your maintenance service over the years; it’s been great not having to worry about anything."
— Senior home, Oakland

"Suma offers highly accomplished, very professional landscape maintenance service that provides excellent service and support. I recommend them highly."
— Penny B., Mill Valley

"You guys are the best in the industry."
— Jerry S., Berkeley

"They're just the best, friendliest and most efficient landscape service around!"
— Jeshua D., Oakland

"Thanks for the hard work, it’s looking great! We are thrilled with the progress and transformation."
— Homeowner, Piedmont

"We feel very lucky to have Suma caring for our garden."
— Sally D., Alameda

"I want to thank you for your response to my requests. We are very grateful."
— Jane R., Piedmont

"It was great to work with you. Suma has always done a very professional job here."
— Kyle H., Medical Facility, Oakland

"I always love coming back home in the evenings—so clean and peaceful… My greetings and words of appreciation to the staff and crew."
— Townhome HOA, Hayward

"Thank you for the many years of great service!"
— Kim D., Piedmont

"Thank you for your care and attention. Your consideration and response to our needs is appreciated by myself and the board."
— Townhome HOA, Hayward Association

"Thanks for your continued efforts to enhance our garden."
— Townhome Association, Emeryville

"I wouldn’t trade Suma for anything."
— Sally D., Oakland

"Suma went well beyond the call of duty to ensure that all phases of the work went smoothly, and should be commended for a tremendous job."
— Property Manager, Medical facility, Berkeley

"This is a wonderful vendor."
— Lisa M., Berkeley

"I have had experience with this company since the early 1980s and have always been impressed with the knowledge and experience of both the owner and employees."
— Scott G., San Leandro

"I used Suma on a property for installation of both planting and irrigation. It looked great and the irrigation worked well. Great job!"
— Doug H., Oakland

"Suma is fantastic! We at Christ Church love how meticulous they are with gardening and landscaping, and our beautiful grounds are the testament! Thank you."
— Robert G., Sausalito

"Suma is a wonderful company. It's no wonder they've been around for years!"
— Jaclyn G., Oakland

"Just fabulous work and customer service. I couldn't have asked for nicer people who showed up at my house. Anna and Eugène are just the best. Their irrigation tech, Carlos, was also just great. I can't say enough about Suma and will be using them for some landscaping as well as weekly maintenance."
— Janet P., Alameda

"Very friendly folks."
— Gail R., Castro Valley

"Thank you, Anna, for your recommendations and tireless patience with all of my questions, delays, errors - your steadfastness and professionalism is very supportive to me and a FIRST in my years of working with landscaping contractors."
— Property Manager, HOA, Hayward

"I'll say thanks also Anna... it sure is great to have someone like you to take care of things!"
— Temple Isaiah, Lafayette