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Tree Work

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pruning & health

Trees are extremely important to any landscape, and Suma Landscaping's experts have the skills needed to keep them healthy. How a tree is pruned can dictate the shape of the tree, density of leaves, amount and quality of fruit or flowers produced, as well as the general health of the specimen. Pruning also helps to provide light to plants below, improve air circulation and reduce weight of branches to prevent falling limbs.

Trees are susceptible to bacterial infections, fungus, pests and more that can damage or kill them. It takes an expert to identify the problem and know how to fix it. At Suma, we know our plants and know how to care for the unique needs of many different tree species.


We normally do not recommend removing established trees, but there are times when an older tree needs to be removed due to tree diseases, fire or because it dominates the yard so as to make the space unworkable. Tree removal can transform your yard and give you usable space, providing new light into your house and garden. The cost for tree removal is determined by the type, size and accessibility to the tree. We are happy to provide a bid upon request.